The AngioMatTrain project ‘Development of Biomaterial-based Delivery Systems for Ischemic Conditions: An Integrated Pan-European Approach’ is funded under the EU-FP7 Marie Curie People Programme. This Initial Training Networks (ITN) project will educate and train twelve Early Stage Researchers and three Experienced Researchers in: tissue engineering, materials science, chemistry, functionalisation, cell biology, nanotechnology, bio-analytical techniques, animal models and prototype design. AngioMatTrain focuses on the comprehensive, multidisciplinary understanding of ischemic diseases, from basics to translation, and is fully supported by eight full partners (five universities, one hospital and two SMEs).

The researchers will undertake cross-disciplinary and intersectorial research projects which, when married together, will deliver a novel, biomaterial-based, therapeutic device for the treatment of ischemic disease. The research training programme is designed to ensure that high-calibre graduates are best placed to secure employment in the private or public sector. The researchers will experience both private and public sector research and development environments through a considered secondment plan.