Doriana Orbanić


Doriana lived with her parents and brother in her hometown where she went to an Italian elementary and high school. Afterwards, as she felt intrigued by scientific subjects, she decided to study Pharmaceutical chemistry and technology at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Trieste, Italy. The five year course of study turned out to be very interesting and gave her an overall knowledge in the fields of pharmacology, biochemistry and technology. After her graduation in March 2013, guided by her personal interests and the trends in the scientific sphere of the job market, Doriana began looking for a PhD position in the field of Biotechnology. She was awarded a Marie Curie three years fellowship and incorporated in the Bioforge Research Group of Valladolid as an employee of the Fundacion General de la Universidad de Valladolid September 2013. The topic of her doctoral thesis is centered in the design, recombinant production and assessment of Elastin-like polymers thought to be used for the induction of controlled therapeutic angiogenesis. Doriana finds the subject very challenging and creative, and looks forward to a research oriented career.