Graziano Deidda

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Graziano Deidda was born in Fano, Italy, in 1976. After a long working period, he decided to start his studies in agro-industrial biotechnology at University of Urbino in 2004. After obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in 2007 he completed his Master’s degree in 2010 where he achieved a first class MSci. For one year during his MSc degree, he carried out a project on the investigation of a new synthetic strategy about cycloalkilpyridazinic intermediates’ preparation  working with Prof. Mantellini at the Organic Chemistry Department. Subsequently, in 2011, Graziano worked in Dr. Wyatt’s lab on amino acid chemistry as part of 1-year MSc degree at the SBCS of Queen Mary University of London. In September of 2012 he defended his thesis titled “Synthesis of 2-oxo-Histidine Derivatives”.

In june 2013 he joined Prof Mitraki’s group at University of Crete as a PhD student. He has been working on developing self-assembling peptide hydrogels for angiogenesis in ischemic in vitro models.